Norwich MedED was founded by Tanya Ta and a group of junior doctors and medical students who are very passionate about medical education, peer-to-peer teaching and learning. Information about our steering committee can be found here. Norwich MedED encourages medical students to teach and share knowledge throughout medical school.

We aim to provide completely FREE weekend events and courses for year 1. year 2, year 3 and year 4 students. We endeavour to make the events accessible to all medical students interested. 

We aim to create more informal teaching opportunities for medical students and junior doctors via an online application form and a transparent selection process.


Why is it free?

Our aim at MedEd is to provide free revision sessions to medical students in all years. We believe that medical students should be able to attend these revision sessions without a cost – and thus, MedEd is fundamentally based around providing quality sessions by medical students and doctors.

Norwich MedED would not be possible without the good will of our sponsors, other medical students and junior doctors.



Norwich MedED Organogram

Norwich MedED

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