Application for committee 2021/2022


It’s a new year and we are looking for a new working committee in time to get our events in November started! Below are the roles that we have available. The following positions will be selected by anonymous selection and will be announced end of Sept/early October.

President (x1)

Overseas the proceeding of the whole committee and liaise closely with the steering committee. Delegate tasks appropriate to the whole committee. Ensure all teaching positions are filled every term.

Vice-president (x1)

Making sure your committee members know what they’re doing. Help the president on an operational level – stepping up to the role of they are unavailable. Update the union when appropriate.

Secretary (x1)

Ensure the everyday workings of the society is smooth running. Maintaining the SU page and this website, making sure it’s up to date and you’re using it to communicate with your members. The role will also require you to ensure your members know what’s going on in the society. Send out certificates for all speakers every term after approval from medical school staff.

Event organisers (x2)

This role will require you to organise, book and select dates suitable for the events. Oversee all events to ensure they are running smoothly. Compile a list of all speakers for secretary in order for certificates to be sent out.

Please contact us via email.

~~~Application for undergraduate working committee 2021/2022 are still open~~~

The following will be recruited by the new committee by early October

Year group representatives (x1 per year group)

This role will require you to help advertise your year’s related events on Facebook as well as for you to attend your year group’s events to help sign students into the events. Work as part of the committee with new ideas.

Please contact us via email.

~~~Year group representatives 2021/2022 is still open



Peer review team (x3) (please apply through the below separate link)

As we promoting peer-to-peer teaching, much of the content being taught are by medical students. Therefore, we need a team of more senior medical students (Year 3, 4, 5) who can review the teaching material that is being taught every term to ensure that it is of a high standard! This is a remote job, that can be performed online as we usually ask speakers to provide a powerpoint presentation.

Please contact us via email.

~~~Peer review team application 2021/2022

is still open ~~~

Here is a summary of the workings of Norwich MedED. Yes it does look daunting but it is very simple actually! If you are a medical student looking to apply for a committee position, you are applying under the ‘undergraduate working committee’ arm. As you can see there is a steering committee group that overseas the the inner workings to guide and help out with the new committee as you come into your new role!

Norwich MedED

N.B. We do not have a educational officer position anymore


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