Well-being for Medics


Interested in getting involved in promoting well-being among medical students and junior doctors?

We are a group of friendly medical students and some lovely junior doctors in Norwich who are interested in holding various events to promote well-being among medics. We’re thinking along the lines of friendly meet-ups with tea/pizza, in a space where we can de-stress and have a chat about well-being in general or anything we’re struggling with. We could hold events like pet therapy, mindfulness, talks from senior doctors or other things! It’s such a prevalent thing for medical students to struggle with their well-being and not feel able to talk about it! So, we think this kind of events could be useful for lots of people. If you’re interested in getting involved at all, or just have some ideas, please drop a comment below or message us!

Joining us in Tea & Empathy

This is a national, informal, peer-to-peer support network aiming to foster a compassionate and supportive atmosphere throughout the NHS. For more information about Tea & Empathy, please see the pinned post on the top of our main page.


This is a great mindfulness app that you can use for mindfulness and guided mediation. It covers topics from anxiety, stress, depression and sleep to sports, pregnancy and relationships.

Resilience matters!

We feel that resilience is not well taught in medical schools. However, it is increasingly regconised to help doctors in clinical practice to avoid burnouts! Here are some tips for building your own resilience!



Norwich Medical School
‘Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Guides’ 

A BRIEF GUIDE ON MENTAL HEALTH AND SUPPORT AT UEA & A BRIEF GUIDE ON RESILIENCE WELLBEING AND SUPPORT AT UEA address the importance of wellbeing while studying for a health professional degree and signpost to the support available in MED and UEA. This project was supported by UEA’s Alumni Fund. You can access the guides and additional student support resources on blackboard MBBS Student Support.


***Disclaimer: We have no conflicting interest. We are not sponsored by these websites or organisations. If you need urgent help, please call 111 or 999 for professional advice.


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